July 15, 2014

Casey Neistat’s Snapchat Stories

I love this guy’s work. I haven’t tried Snapchat, but my cousin is very into it and I think the idea that the video disappears is cool. But, I liked this video for a variety of reasons including the fact that he is telling the story in a very immediate way but in saving it and posting to YouTube, he is kind of running rings around the ultimate intention of the app. Here is the link to his YouTube page of this material but I am a fan of his other videos on YouTube as well and always use him as an example with my students.

I also love how he holds the iPhone up at the end to film the storeclerk. Maybe he’s onto something here….. I will definitely stay tuned.

July 7, 2014
Nothing like a little summer vacation with the cousins.

Nothing like a little summer vacation with the cousins.

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June 17, 2014

Rose Caiola Speaks About her Rewire Me Moments.

I am building a digital studio for Rose to create original content for her website about integral health and mindfulness. I love how she tells her story here……

I shot this at an event on May 22 at the WeWork Lounge in Soho.

June 13, 2014

John Waters at the New York Public Library. June 4, 2014

"I’m understood certainly by the public. I don’t feel like I’m some sort of tragic person that has never been understood. No. And I think I’m completely understood. And, um, it’s amazing to me how far I’ve gotten, to tell you the truth.That I ended up an ‘insider’, that’s the most perverse thing of all".

Shot with my iPhone 5 and edited in iMovie on my iPhone.

June 11, 2014

My little man just turned six. This is raw footage from my camera that has no color correction or editing. Happy I caught the moment in his classroom surrounded by his friends. I love how is stares into the candle flames and how enthusiastically his classmates sing to him. He is a well-loved little boy!

June 4, 2014

Man Cold

I loved this! Brilliant. 

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May 22, 2014

Zachary and I like passing on our methodology to all types of students. Here is a little footage from our recent class. All shot and edited on an iPhone 5.

May 14, 2014
Natalie sells her 1,000th box of Girlscout cookies! We are so proud of her. She won a bunch of prizes too- a basketball, some clothes, an overnight sleepover at the Museum of Natural History and a Mini iPad!

Natalie sells her 1,000th box of Girlscout Cookies!

April 30, 2014
Meet the New King of New York: Kenyon Phillips

Interesting article about Kenyon Phillips and his new rock opera, The Life and Death of Kenyon Phillips premiering at Joe’s Pub this Friday night at 9pm. Zachary and I are producing a three camera video shoot of the event so it should be a blast. Unfortunately, it’s sold out so I can’t tell you to buy a ticket for the show. But what I can say, is that Kenyon is talented, driven and really a sweetheart, so stay tuned! 

April 9, 2014

Ascent of Man: Bruce McCall’s Artwork Animated by Smiley Guy Studios

This is old but I wanted to post it up anyway as it is so good. Reminds me of the excellent animation by Nina Paley called, This Land is Mine but on a whole other level. I also liked this other video, Clear Conscience by Smiley Guy Studios for the same reason- great storytelling and I have been a fan of Bruce McCall’s work for years.  I also enjoyed this Ted Talk on Faux Nostalgic Art he did in May 2008.